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coding challenge

7 Days. 6 Challenges. 9000 coders.

Compete with your backend community peers

in this global backend coding challenge saga

Join this year-long coding challenge & code yourself to the top! Compete for fame, loot, prizes, and maybe you get to match with an amazing engineering team that fits your skills perfectly!

Once you start the challenge you have 7 days to complete it!

Backend Olympics

solve 6 trying coding challenges

test your problem solving skills

Solve a sequence of varying difficulty backend coding challenges in any of these languages to maximize your advantage in our global challenge:

SQL, C, C#, C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Swift, TypeScript



worth of Amazon vouchers*


2nd Prize

worth of Amazon vouchers*


referral prize

be the all-time friend referrer and pocket this special prize in Amazon vouchers* 


best junior prize

worth of Amazon vouchers*

words are nice but

prizes show appreciation

Compete for one of these prizes.

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sign up and code yourself to the top

once you start you have 7 days to compete

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Backend Olympics is a year-long coding challenge competition and is a part of the DevOlympics Network

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